Basically this activity was supervised by Mr. Larkin. In order to realize my CAS Project Mr. Larkin gave me an opportunity to organize my own group of Year 7 students and coach them.

Every Thursday I had discussion about activities and exercises that we are going to organize during training in order to make activity more enjoyable and effective for children. During this discussion Mr. Larkin showed me some videos in order to make clearer for me what am I going to do next day. There is one important thing as a IB student we all should be caring to children and Mr. Larkin sometimes explains us how and what to do; it is amazing to work with children but also it is very difficult. And as an IB student we should be knowledgeable and understand, consider some psychological aspects.


During the day of main activity I chose my own group of students. I organized different exercises in order to develop and improve their footballer skills. After which during the last twenty minutes  they were playing football. During match they may got a little injuries and they were crying and sometimes it is so funny. But we all are well prepared and we know how act in that kind of situations. They are very sensitive and every word can harm them, so I always needed to be very careful with them.

Basically this project was fantastic. This is because I was doing so many things, this is not just training children. The parents of these children were paying 2000BHT every 5 week and then this money is collected by Mr. Larkin and all money goes to charity. This is amazing.
For me it was a big pleasure to work with children. Before this activity I didn’t realize that how difficult and the same time how amazing is working with children.

How does my CAS project relate with CAS?

First of all I’d like to say that this is one of the activites which has very big and strong connection with CAS. It relates to every single aspect of CAS: Creativity, Action and Service

Why it is an Action?
I coach children and sometimes play with them to show new skills, and other things. Also I talk to them to correct mistakes that they made. So basically that’s it takes a lot of energy from me to train them.


Why it is a Service
It is a Service as I mentioned above the all money collected from parents goes to charity. Basically we are helping younger children to improve their football skills, and at the same time we are raising money for charity. Those both reasons above are great example of service work.

Why it is a Creativity
As I mentioned above it is creativity as every Thursday we are discussing how effective train children. We are also learning different psychological aspects in order to train and treat to them correctly.

What were my goals?

  • To communicate with children and develop new skills that how effective to train them
  • To raise money for charity.
  • I wanted to help improve the children’s ability in football, and teach them new tricks which they could use in the future.
  • Gain of confidence in coaching
  • On Thursdays, to learn more training methods and to use them during training.

What did I achieve so far?

  •  I am pretty sure my confidence has increased as now I am more relaxed when helping and coaching these kids.
  • Children were enjoying trainings very much, they were enjoying the last part of training especially, because it was the part when they were playing football
  • I am pretty sure we have done this, as so far we have raised 80,000 baht which I think is something that all the coaches should be very proud of as this money will help the Disabled school a lot.
  • Just enjoy trainings and make them smile J