When I was in Year 12, I understood that how important it is to pay attention to my physical education, as the Year 13 should have been a busy year mostly focused on academic education.
I have always been interested in swimming; I decided to challenge myself. In order to make my trainings more effective, I decided to take an advice from my supervisor Mr. Scott.
Afterwards we decided to set some goals and try to achieve them.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday I was training in the swimming pool under the supervision of Mr. Scott.

During the first training days, Mr. Scott explained me some techniques which are essential during the training and would make them easier and effective.
The Table below shows the action plan that me and Mr. Scott set.

Training Meters Time Status


150 1hour Done
2nd 150 1hour Done
3rd 150 1.5hours Done
4th 200 1hour Done
5th 200 1hour Done
6th 200 1hour Done
7th 300 1hour Done
8th 300 1.5hours Done
9th 300 1hour Done
10th 400 1hour Not Done (300)
11th 400 1.5hours Done
12th 400 1hour Not Done (300)
13th 500 1.5hours Not Done (350)
14th 500 1hour Done
15th 500 1hour Done
16th 650 1.5hours Done
17th 650 1hour Not Done (500)
18th 700 1hour Not Done (600)
19th 700 1.5hours Done
20th 800 1hour Done
21th 800 1.5hours Done
22th 900 1hour Done


These Table shows that mostly I overcame the challenge and achieved the goals set by me. But the important thing is not the meters, the important thing is that I learnt a lot of techniques and different forms of swimming.

After this activity I felt more confident to myself, and I could overcome the fear towards the water. Now I feel confident to myself swimming alone in the swimming pool or sea.

This one of the my Action activities, which has a strong connection with IB Learner Profile:

  • Communicator- As I already mentioned Mr. Scott gave me a lot of instructions in order to help me.  All the time we were communicating with each other in order to find the solutions for problems. These activity has developed my communicator skills, as now I really know how to explain others about the difficulties that I have and easily understand what do others want to advice.
  • Risk Taker- Before this activity I didn’t really know that “Am I capable of doing this?”. But I decided to take challenge; take a risk. And after this activity when I overcame the challenge I understood that how important it is to take risks. If I didn’t  take the risk, I still wouldn’t know how to swim. And this makes me to be proud of myself.
  • Balanced- After this activity I understood that how important it is to be balanced in academic and physical education, and it is the only way to achieve personnel well being.

What I hoped to achieve?

  • Take challenge, and meet the targets shown in the Table.
  •  Learn different forms of swimming

What I have achieved?

  • I mostly met the goals and completed the distance that I needed to swim.
  • I learnt two different forms of swimming

Overall this activity was a wonderful experience.