The International Day 2012 was the best festival that I have ever seen at Regent’s. The International Day 2012 has been done successfully thanks to hard work of every individual that has been involved. There were amazing international rooms designed by each country in order to show their own culture and international kitchens. The important part of International day was the “Country Performances”, where each country showed their culture, religion through dancing or singing.


As this is my last year at Regent’s School, me and my fellow Armenians decided to organize and show a performance, which will show Armenia’s culture in some way. Our country leader Gagul, decided to perform an Armenian national dance “Berd”, which translates in English as “Tower”.


This is considered to be one of the ancient dance performances, which is the most popular and famous Armenian dance. This dance is unique and actually it is very difficult to perform. Firstly, we watched some videos in order to gain overall information about the dance. The difficulty of this dance is that it consists of two floors; 5 people are standing on the shoulders of 5 people who are in the bottom. Actually this is very difficult to keep balance.

We have practiced more that 5 days for 2 hours. We weren’t satisfied from the results of first two days, because we sometimes ended up of 5 people falling from the 2 floor, because the guys in the first floor couldn’t keep the balance as it is very difficult to keep someone on your shoulders.

On the last day the results were outstanding, because no one fell and we were sure that on the day of performance we will perform very well.  
And our expectations came true, as we understood it from the amazing reaction of audience.

What I hoped to achieve?

  • Gain dancing skills (especially national), because I am going to continue my higher education not in my foreign country and as a I am committed to internationalism I will always show the culture of my home country to the others.
  • Gain communication skills, as it is very important during the preparation of this performance, because if we didn’t communicate effectively the tower would definitely collapse
  • Try to put my best in the team working, as this is very important for my entire life

What did I achieve?

  • Now, I know for sure how to dance Armenian national dance “Berd”, and this is very important as I can organize same dance in my university years to show my culture to the others.
  • Now, I know how to communicate effectively. I understood that it is more about listening not talking. Because I have always been listening others, as they were explaining me the details of the dance.

The Connection with IB Learner Profile

Communicator- I gained communicator’s skills, which was very important during this activity. We were communicating very effectively, because if we didn’t then the tower would collapse for sure.

Risk Taker- As I was in the second floor of the tower, it was very dangerous, because when I fell from the second floor I could get serious injuries. But as a risk taker I accepted and took over the challenge.

Caring- During the Practice, every single of us had to show care to the others; sometimes, everyone us felt disappointed as the tower was collapsing consistently.