As a “Round Square” member, the Regent’s school hosted the “Round Square – We Walk Together” conference in 2010. The pre-conference activities included various service projects, such as the “Painting the Father Ray’s Children Village.” But unfortunately, because of the lack of time, they didn’t manage to paint the walls fully.

So we decided to finish that project. As a Global Connect student I volunteered to participate in that project. More than 20 students volunteered, which is amazing. On the day of the project, we assembled at the school, after which we went there by school bus.  At the moment we arrived there, I felt that I am in the place, where a lot of children need our hope. The Father Ray’s Children Village is founded in order to help children who have disabilities.

First of all, I tried to communicate with the children. This was a little bit difficult  due to language barriers, however I overcame that, and we started to effectively communicate. Afterwards we started to realize our main process; finish off the painting as soon as possible.




Unfortunately, the whether conditions were horrible; the heavy rain didn’t let us to work. However we overcame that problem. Besides of that the working conditions weren’t good as well as for getting water we had to walk long way.

As I already mentioned the walls weren’t painted fully, and as you know it is difficult to continue someone else’s work. First of all I needed to decide the colour combinations, for that I consulted with my supervisor in order to make sure that the result will be fantastic.
And finally we started painting; the progress of our work was encouraging. One thing, which inspired me greatly, was the fact that we were painting the children village, and that they are very likely to enjoy it. During our painting process, the children from the village came to have a look at paintings of fences. They were quite amused and excited, some of them even came to take some part in painting (unfortunately for them they were not allowed because they were too small). That was an indescribable and wonderful feeling, when I realised that I am doing something enjoyable for little children.

What I hoped to achieve:

  • First of all I wanted to finish the painting, which last Year 13s didn’t manage to do
  • Gain some painting skills, as this is very important, because every time we might need it.
  • Improve my communication skills, particularly with children who have the need.

What I have achieved?

  • Now, I know how to use the right combination of colours in order to get the best painting ever
  • Now, I can effectively communicate with thai children, as during the communication with them I learned some words and phrases which are very useful for everyday life.
  • And finally we managed to paint all the walls, and our mission to Father Ray’s Children Village was accomplished successfully.