All of the IB students, at the end of Year 13 should present their final CAS project. As the IGCSE and IB examinations are approaching I decided to organize something special, which will help students in their academic achievements. I offered my fellow student (both us are from higher level Math’s and Chemistry Class) MIkayel, to organize IGCSE and IB Chemistry and Math’s Revision classes. Mikayel, accepted my offer, and we had discussion with our supervisor Mr. Lazanberry, about the methods and techniques which would help us to make lessons more effective. We planned to organize lessons during the weekends on Sundays and Saturdays, 2 hours each day. Afterwards we made a poster; the purpose of this poster was to announce about the upcoming lessons, so we would have more students attending.


What I hoped to achieve during this activity?

  • To gain confidence in communicating, this is very important because I think this is one of the most necessary and important things for our entire life.
  • To gain new skills in explain others different theories. This is very important to have good skills in explain others.
  • Gain teaching skills; this includes using different methods and techniques which gives an opportunity other easily understand different concepts.

The actual activity started in 28th January 2012. The first day of teaching, was one of the important and unforgettable experience of my life. It was wonderful, to have students coming and asking you question. It made me to feel that I am a good member of our wonderful community. After gaining some experience in first day, me and Mikayel started to think about the methods that we could use in order to improve the efficiency of lessons, because in the first day there’s kind of muddle in the room, because everyone was asking different questions, which sometimes mad me and Mikayel a little bit confused. That’s why we carried out a little survey among the students, who attended our revision classes in order to discover the specific topics that they want particularly to revise. The results were outstanding, because we discovered that the majority of students wanted to revise specific topics.

Afterwards during the rest of revision classes me and Mikayel focused and explained them the topics that they wanted to revise. The results were outstanding. Morevoer, in order to improve their exam techniques, we gave them past paper questions which they ought to solve in real exam conditions and timing. Most of the students appreciated that, and ensured that those activities would definitely help them to obtain higher grades in their examinations.


What I have achieved?

  • First of all, I gained a good communications skills because after these activity I understood that I need to communicate with different individuals in different ways, because each of us is an individual and we have our own preferences
  • I gained some teaching skills. After this activity I know how to use some methods and techniques in order to make the theories and different concepts more simple so it will be easily understood.
  • Also this revision classes helped me to revise some basic comments, which I forgot. This is very helpful for me because my examinations are not too far.

The Connection with IB Learner Profile.

  • Knowledgeable- during the activity when some students asked to axplain different theories, me and Mikayel always tried to explore and conspets, ideas which would give explanations and it would be easily understood by IGCSE students.
  • Communicators- this is one of the IB Learner profile features which has been developed crucially during this activity. I understood the questions asked by students and confidently, creatively expressed the ideas which answered their questions.
  • Caring- during the activity I saw some students, who had academic difficulties and felt themselves stressed as their examinations were approaching. And I considered it my responsibility to notice their needs and feelings in order to help them. So, I had a personal commitment to service, and act to make them confident in their academic studies.
  • Reflective- After this activity me and Mikayle had a discussion about our learning and experience. We were discussing our weaknesses and the improvements for future activities. Also we were discussing our strengths and I really enjoyed those moments!

To conclude, this was an amazing activity which will be always in my mind, as a good experience from childhood.