The Regent’s School is one of the unique “Round Square” schools, which organizes festivals which raise awareness of issues and at the same time help some communities.  That kind on festival is the International day, which is being organizes on yearly basis.

The “International Day 2012” was my first amazing and huge festival that I have ever seen at Regent’s as it was my first year there. I was chosen as a Assistant of a Country Leader in order to help him to organize.

On the day, we woke up early in the morning in order to dress up (we were all wearing orange colour shirts with the Armenian symbol on it, the colour was chosen as it’s one of the colours of the Armenian flag).


First of all we needed to design the room. I knew that I am going to be involved in International Day 2011, that’s why I brought some stuff from Armenia during the Christmas break.  Also I brought with me some Armenian food such as cheese, basturma and lavash. Then we set the food on the table and get all the music playing to welcome our visitors. Our room gained popularity immediately, as most of the school knew how awesome Armenian sweets, cheese, bread and meat products are. We run out of food pretty quickly as people were not only trying, but also having their breakfast inside the room


The design of our room was amazing, and as a result we had the most number of guests. I have been pleasingly presented them our culture and food. It is amazing to talk about your culture with others.

What I hoped to achieve?

  • First of all I hoped to gain some designing skills, because it is very important for me. So as a independent person, I could easily design my room.
  • To gain communication skills as  during the designing process we needed to communicate effectively, in order to make our best.
    Moreover I needed to communicate very well with foreign people, in order to explain them the key concepts of my country

What did I achieve?

  • By cooperating with my country leader I gained some designing skills (he is pretty good designer). Now, I know what combination of colours and effects to use in order to let huge impression in people.
  • Moreover, as during the International day I was in the country room, I was telling people about the Armenia, teaching the Armenian I gained communication skills.