At the beginning of the school year (2010-2011) our boarding staff decided to visit Paattaya Orphanage. I had no idea that what’s it about, because it was my first year at Regent’s school and also that was my first CAS project during IB Diploma program. I was a little bit confused but then I understood that it was real opportunity for me to identify my strength and areas of growth.
Before visiting Pattaya Orphanage we were discussing about things that we had to do in orphanage. Also we decided to do a little charity for them. We raised amount of money and bought some tools for workers working in orphanage. After that we were discussing things such as: what activities organize there in order to activate communication between students and kids. And we make a list of questions in that we had to ask them in Thai. When everything was decided we were ready to visit orphanage.

On 10 September we leaved Regents School in order to visit Pattaya orphanage. The day before visit I was a little bit scared because I hadn’t opportunity ever to communicate with kids and orphanage. But the visit’s day I was sure that I can do my best. They were about 30 kids and it was amazing to see all fo them running over. And some children run to me and they were asking me questions even though I couldn’t answer them as they were only speaking in Thai. I was trying to communicate them but it was a little bit challenge. But the baby-sitters helped me to counteract with them as they were speaking English very good. Also as I mentioned above we had some questions to ask them. This was amazing and I was asking them questions in Thai and they understood most of them. This gave me opportunity to make them feel them more convenient and freer with me.

Then my objective was to make them as much happier as possible. I did it through organizing some wonderful activities such as playing football, drawing singing, dancing and etc. Later I decided that it is extremely worthwhile to spend some time just on chatting, which would help us to overcome the language barriers to some extent. As I mentioned above they couldn’t speak English and that’s why I decided to teach them some phrases in English. And after that it was unbelievable but they started to teach me some word in Thai. I was quite surprised but that was amazing.

What did I achieve after this activity?

First of all as I mentioned above this was my first CAS project during IB diploma program. And after this activity I understood some aspects that I need to consider in Service. Also I developed my communicator skills.

As I said already there were some language barriers between me and children, but to overcome it taught them basic English words. In the end some of them are already talking a little bit English, they were saying words such hello, how are you, bye, and etc.

As I said we I was in group with two other people, we need to come up with an idea of game or activity which will entertain children. We were thinking about that activity in the way to orphanage and finally we came up with an idea about what I am going to tell you in the next paragraph.

That day was wonderful and unforgettable, I spend it in collaboration with children with great pleasure, and in my opinion they enjoyed as much as I did.