This was one of my favorite activities as I want to apply for business administration. This activity was basically preparing us for starting new business. As we know there are many problems that start ups can face. There are involved 8-10 people in this activity and this gave us opportunity to work in small groups. This was very effective as working collaboratively with others always had its good result. This activity was organized and controlled by Mr. Chermside.

As we all know starting a new business is a risky project as the owner or investors are taking a step into the unknown. Most of the businesses fail, mainly due to mismanagement of the business. And there we were learning some important aspects that we need to consider before starting a new business. Mr. Chermside also showed us some videos and great examples of some well-known companies such as Coca-Cola or McDonalds. Also we were playing games such as Monopoly in order to increase our awareness about action that need to be dome during managing our own business. This was very interesting and enjoyable.


Risk taker- During this activity we learned by some great examples of some businesses that during controlling and managing business we should always be knowledgeable. Our actions should always be well accounted and prepared. But also we learned that sometimes we should approach situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought. For making it clearer I’ll bring an example: such as doing investment in one project by being not confident is the investment going to be successful, but during the same time we should be sensible.

Caring- During this activity we also learned that business is not only making money for own benefits. We also should care about others who need it. We learned that we always should be corporate-socially responsible to our workers to our environment. During this activity we learned that we should have compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. We should be responsible for and to our environment and to workers.

Thinkers– We also learned that when managing our own business we always need to be knowledgeable and apply thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.

What were my goals?

  • I wanted to gain new skills generally in business studies as IB student one of my Higher Level subject is Business & Management, which will help me to score higher grades in my exam
  • Also I am planning in the future to open my new business, because I think it is good to have your own business. And I was confident that this activity would give me a lot and I’d learn and understand some key concepts connected with business start-ups

What did I achieve so far?

  • One of the my achievements that I think is obvious is that as I mentioned above I am doing Business and Management as a Higher Level subject and I feel that I started to do better in that subject. This can be proved as I have a big progress in my tests
  • Now I have good understanding about problems that can be caused before and after starting new business. When I read articles in newspapers before this activity, there were some concepts that I didn’t understand well. But now when I read articles I understand some sophisticated concepts well. This is amazing and I am surprised and happy to. J

Now I am sure in my success in my own business in the near future. J