This is one of the activities which gave me opportunity to increase my creativity skills. This activity basically is about making podcast and putting them in our Official website (I’ll talk about it later on). This is done in order to inform Regents school students and teachers about amazing events going on at our school. Also we had interviews with people who have big impact in our school.

First when I came to this activity I haven’t idea that what is it. In our group were 5-6 pupils and this was supervised by Mrs. Jenkins. In our first activity we were discussing that what we want to do. That time I have no what idea that what is podcast. Then Mrs. Jenkins explained us the nature of podcast. Then one of the guys called Nathan who had experience in media offered to open Regent’s Podcast official website, where we should upload our podcasts. You can visit our website.

When all technical operations were done we started to think about whom we are going to interview. And Mrs. Jenkins asked that who wants to do our first podcast. It was big challenge for everyone to be first and I was a little bit braver: I offered my candidature and everyone accepted that. After that we decided the person who was going to be interviewed: after long discussion we decided to interview head boy Hike Mazmanyan. It was challenge for me because I haven’t journalist experience and I didn’t know what questions ask Hike. But me and Mrs. Jenkins were confident that I was up to challenge.
I have prepared questions and then showed it to Mrs. Jenkins. She told me that they were amazing. After that I interviewed Hike.

After Interview with Hike other guys informed to students and teachers about school events through podcast. This was amazing cause everyone knew about our podcast and I feel me proud that we did that kind of great job.

Why this activity is considered to be creativity?
This is creativity because I gained some skills in journalism. I need for interviews prepare professional and interesting questions and for that I did some research, which surely developed my skills.
Besides of that I have also developed my skills in working collaboratively with others in order to achieve our targets. I have also gained experience in IT such as opening new website.

What I hope to achieve before this activity

  • To gain new skills in working with others.
  • To have initial information that what is podcast
  • Develop my skills in working with others and achieve targeted goals

What I have achieved so far?

  • I have some experience in journalism and media I feel that as now I can easily write an article for journal. Besides of that I had to interview someone for my extended essay and that time I felt how my skills in journalism has been developed as I asked more specific and interesting questions. I am surprised and the same time vey very happyJ
  • I also gained some experience in working collaboratively with others and achieve settled targets. This is very important as working in groups in order to achieve targets has developed my skills in that. Now I feel that how easy it became for me to work effectively with other. During simple class activities I can show now my skills, as teachers mentioned it also I started to work better in groups.This is amazing.