I am very happy  that now I have opportunity to share my memories and reflections about amazing CAS Ko Chang trip. It took place on 17th of September. The route to Ko Chang was long but very happy. There were about 60 students and during the race we organised different games, there was a great and lovely atmosphere and that’s why the race seemed to be very short. That’s because during whole race Regents students showed their communicator skills.

When I first saw Ko Chang I liked it. It’s located in very beautiful and peaceful place which I liked most. The first day we participated in meeting with CAS co-ordinator and our tutors, which gave us opportunity to have initial information that what is CAS in reality. I think that it’s very important because before that I didn’t realise that CAS is very important. But now I know that CAS has a big significance in IB diploma program. We discussed with our tutors the IB learner’s profile and that how it is important to understand each concept.
The next day our target was hiking the highest mountain in Ko Chang. The hiking mountain was very interesting and important challenge for each one of us. Here I had to show my risk taker and  caring skills. Risk taker because there were moments when I should take risk such as jumping from a height. (but of course our teachers did everything to minimize the probability of accidents). And caring cause we all had difficulties: someone a little someone a bit more, but it wasn’t matter. We were helping each other and created atmosphere was helping us to achieve our target. And finally after 10 hours hiking we finished it with success. I will never forget that moment: it was something like self-sufficiency.

The second day was also very interesting. We voyaged by ship to one of the beaches over Ko Chang in order to clean it. We were working with groups and well-organised which gave its result. We did two photographs of beach one before and one after cleaning. By comparing those two photographs we felt that we did good job. And in that moment I felt that I am someone who cares about others about our lovely environment, about our small but amazing world. It had proved one time more that Regents students including me are involved in activities which have global importance for our world. The cleaning beach has a very big importance for our world cause it is our environment. This CAS trip for me was incredible an unforgettable I had great time on that Island doing all the activities that involved all three aspects of CAS. For me the best activity was the hike to the highest peak as I like risk-taking and I enjoy adventure, hike was incredible for me we had beautiful view from the top.
Afterwards we had a little fun. We-The Regent’s students proved our Adventurer skills. We were jumping into the water from ship’s second floor. It was great!
And on the third day we came back with a big desire to return Ko Change again…    

What were my goals

  • To understand that what is CAS in deeper level of analysis
  • To gain new skills such as working collaboratively with others
  • To gain and develop hiking techniques

My achievements after this activty

  • Now I understand the importance of working collaboratively with others as it gives moving force to all of us
  • I got new skills in hiking and painting which I think sometime in somewhere will help me.